About Us

Welcome to Vedchakra (Trademark owned by Maa Tara Enterprises), established in 2021 to provide quality natural care products, is your trusted companion on this journey towards wellness. Cofounded by Kushagra Gupta, a Food and Healthcare expert with rich experience from Danone, Pfizer, Dr.Reddy's, Malay Saurabh, an experienced sales professional from Dabur, 3M, Rasna, and  Arun Mishra, a sales veteran from Rasna, we are dedicated to blending Nature's wisdom with modern science to deliver quality care that suits your fast-paced lifestyle.

At Vedchakra, our mission is to bridge the gap between time-tested traditions and the demands of your busy schedule. We understand the unique needs of each individual and craft personalized natural profiles that resonate with your lifestyle, ensuring a seamless and customized approach to wellness.

Our vision extends beyond wellness to sustainability. Every Vedchakra product you use supports eco-friendly initiatives, planting the seeds of a healthier planet.