Collection: Kapha Dosha

Kapha dosha, representing the elements of earth and water, is one of the three fundamental energies in Ayurvedic medicine that governs structure and lubrication in the mind and body. Individuals with a dominant Kapha dosha are often characterized by their strength, endurance, and stability, both physically and emotionally. They tend to have a calm demeanor, a robust physique, and smooth, oily skin. However, when Kapha is imbalanced, it can lead to issues such as weight gain, lethargy, excessive sleep, and resistance to change.

Kapha embodies qualities like moist, heavy, cold, and static, playing a vital role in maintaining bodily strength, immunity, and growth. It helps in the formation of muscles, fat, bones, and in providing lubrication to the joints and moisture to the skin. A balanced Kapha promotes love, patience, and forgiveness, whereas an imbalance can manifest as attachment, greed, and possessiveness.

To balance Kapha, Ayurveda recommends a routine that incorporates physical activity, a diet that favors pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes, and the avoidance of cold and heavy foods. Stimulating activities, exposure to warm and dry environments, and the use of spices like ginger and turmeric in meals can help invigorate Kapha and restore its equilibrium, enhancing overall vitality and well-being.
Kapha Dosha